Tuesday, September 25, 2012


And sometimes you just get lucky because the kids are fighting and can’t play alone, and you happen to have made a pot of soup for dinner at 8am.  So it was last night.  Henry needed a push, and he tugged me out into the milky light.  Sparrows ducked in and out of nests.  Wet grass stuck to feet black from running.  Fallen leaves.  I pushed small backs higher and higher, slender stacks of bones against my palms.  And breathed in fallen pears, half eaten by squirrels, fermenting the sweet air, while small legs pump, pump, pumped.  I have to remember it is nice to be there when dusk falls.


  1. These photos are magical - the kind of day that you just want to say "thank you" to your kids...thank you for making you go outside and enjoy nature - thank you for not letting you miss this gorgeous moment - thank you for reminding me to just live in the present and swing higher HIgher HIGHER! reach for those stars that will soon cover the evening sky.

    and by the way - one of my favorite pics of jane ever. rosy lips, cheeks, and sun kissed long hair.....xoxoxo

    1. thank you, missy! the list of things to-do multiples as the sun sets, doesn't it? it's then you remember everything you didn't get to all day AND everyone is cranky. i'm so glad i let it go last night. these early fall nights have been magical.

      and YES that is one of my favorite photos of jane ever too. it's as if all else has melted away, and it's just the true jane left :)

  2. i'm struggling to choose my favorite---i'll try: chain middle, holding fist at top, dark pit eyes and porcelain nose to the left. my most beautiful niece stares through the lens.

    i'm in love with, in awe of these photos. i want more.


  3. Rox, this is gorgeous. I can't even believe these photos. They are magical - as is the text that accompanies them. Love you. xo

  4. Im in love with your pictures.