Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How quickly it passed: that one moment deep in February when crimson toes and running bottomless on the beach was just right.  When eyelids barely fluttered before bed, after sun and celadon water hit our winter bodies like a sack of sand.  We dreamt of screeching pelicans, twisting coral and dolphins chasing us, lean in the water.  White light everywhere.  Today eight days in Florida feels far, faraway as I watch the kids stuff wool socks into boots and swipe at breath billowing from pink mouths like frozen, thick-winged butterflies.

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  1. you have such a way of capturing the moments...the sweet seconds that some people don't even stop to notice or embrace. it's not about the posed pics when everyone freezes and makes their face smile....it's about the glimpses of life that you capture when joy is bursting from those little bodies running on the beach or the love that is in the deep concentration of painting granddaughter's nails, the wonder in the eyes of a little boy looking out into the sunset...the aqua nail polish rubbed off from hours of digging for treasures in the sand. gorgeous-stunning - full of love and life as always! swear i can feel the warmth and happiness on my skin and in my heart as i look at these pics over and over again